• Dragon Fruit (Thanh Long)

  • Avocado (Bơ)

  • Jackfruit (Mít)

  • O. Integerrima (Mai Vàng)

  • Atemoya (Mãng Cầu)

  • Mango (Xoài)

  • Orchid (Hoa Lan)

  • Pomegranate (Lựu)

  • Pomelo (Bưởi)

  • Sampodilla (Sapôchê)

  • Sugarcane (Mía)

  • Guava (Ổi)

  • Sugar Apple (Mãng Cầu Na)

  • Soursop (Mãng Cầu Xiêm)

  • June Plum (Cóc)

  • Longan (Nhãn)

  • Loquat (Tỳ Bà)

  • Lychee (Vải)

  • Papaya (Đu Đủ)

  • Passion Fruit (Chanh Dây)

  • Wax Apple (Mận)

  • Cỏ (Grass Sod)

  • Phân (Fertilizer)

  • Garden Soil

Euclid Nursery

Euclid Nursery is located in the heart of Orange County, in the city of Garden Grove at the corner of Euclid St. and Trask Ave. We specialize in tropical fruit trees – sapodillas, atemoyas, june plums, mangoes, wax apples, any much more.


If you are new and need help with planting and caring for fruit trees, we can help you. Our prices are very reasonable and if you buy a lot, we will delivery for free within the OC area.